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Missions News and Notes (June 2016)

 On The Move: Matt and Alyssa Harris from Wamena to Sentani. Chuck and Cindy Harper from Albuquerque to Window Rock. Prayer Request: Heather (Lane) Anderson recovering from recent loss of baby at 20 months. Prayer Request: Summer camps at Bible Witness Camp from June 19 – July 22. Prayer Request: Jay and Dana Cline’s daughter, Haley as she is on a mission trip to London for the summer, showing Jesus film to Muslims. Praise: Arrival […]

Parent Update 2/26

We finished our second week in our series on Dating this past week. Our focus was on what it looks like for students to have healthy boundaries before they begin a dating relationship. As well, we talked about approaching dating from a “slow and steady” pace, not the culture’s pace of jumping in quickly and expecting heartbreak. As always, if you would like any of the notes from these messages, please let me know! I […]

Parent Update 2/19

It has been a great week of ministry as we have gone full force into the book of Song of Solomon. We had some encouraging conversations about what it looks like for students to begin to prepare their hearts and minds before they even start the race of “finding love.” Our focus for week one of our series was on pursuing our relationship with Jesus first and foremost and being attracted to someone of the […]

Parent Update 2/12

In the month of February we take the time to talk about love, dating, relationships, marriage, and sex at Thirst and 180. I believe it is extremely important that students form their views about these issues, not from the culture around them, but from God’s Word. To be honest, culture screams so many lies in their face about true love and intimacy, and whether they are 11 or 18, we know our students are thinking […]

Parent Update 2/5

What a wonderful, exhausting, energizing, and praise-worthy Winter Retreat weekend we experienced at the high school and junior high levels. God was moving in the hearts of so many students, it was amazing to say the least! Here are some of the highlights from the retreat: -90 students attended (40 j.h.) (50 s.h.) -17 leaders attended (10 j.h.) (7 s.h.) -10 different parents who drove either to or from Winter Retreat in either or both […]

Parent Update 1/29

Weekend #1 of Winter Retreat was life-changing for so many students; I’m excited to share more of their stories in upcoming emails, as well as our next Celebrate Sunday on March 1st. Please be praying for the 49 high school students attending Winter Retreat this weekend. We are expecting God to do BIG THINGS once again in the hearts of these students. Here are some friendly schedule reminders as we enter into February this weekend: […]

Upcoming Men’s Retreat

On March 6th & 7th the men of Calvary will be on retreat in Cedar Lake, IN. Our own Sunu Thomas will lead us in a weekend of refreshment, encouragement, and biblical teaching. This will be an excellent opportunity for us men to decompress and reconnect over an extended period of time. Get away and relax. Invest in yourself and others. The suggested offering is $75, but this is just a number. Don’t let cost keep you from attending. For […]

Parent Update 1/22

We are only ONE DAY away from our Junior High Winter Retreat!!! I have said this to numerous people…I cannot wait to see what God does in the hearts and lives of these students. Please be praying for our group going out this weekend, praying that God would open up their hearts and they would be sensitive to whatever He is saying to them. Pray for safety over the entire retreat, from leaving here tomorrow […]

Urbana Seminary

Urbana Theological Seminary is teaching a class on our campus this Spring starting Thursday, January 22 from 6-9 PM. The class will be: World Christian Movement: A Gateway to Mission. To learn more about the class and to register, click here.

Missions Lunch with Karen Gainer

Karen Gainer will be bringing us an update on Sunday, January 11th. There will be a luncheon immediately following church to hear a fuller update. If you would like to attend the lunch please contact Renee Gish at