Join us this Sunday at 9:00 and 10:30 AM

Sr. High Youth Group

THIRST is our large group gathering for senior high students (grades 9-12). The idea behind THIRST comes from the story of Jesus and the woman at the well. This woman had a messed up life; she was broken, ashamed, and full of pain. She despised making the lonely, embarrassing trip to the well on a daily basis. Yet, Jesus gave her hope when he offered her a type of water that would completely satisfy her. She thought this meant she was free from having to head to the well for water; but Jesus was talking about a “living water,” a relationship with God that could heal all of her pain and restore her broken life. She came thirsting for physical water and left thirsting no more because her life was completely satisfied in her new relationship. We believe that when students thirst for the things in this world, it will leave them feeling empty on the inside. Yet, when they THIRST for a relationship with God, they will be completely satisfied and THIRST no more.

THIRST gives students many different opportunities to “thirst no more” and grow in their relationship with God. THIRST also values students connecting with each other and growing together in their relationship with God. These two things happen through playing fun, creative games, hang out time at the beginning and end of the night, authentic worship experiences; biblical teaching that applies directly to the students’ lives, and small group discussions to process and share with others what God is teaching them.

THIRST meets on Sunday nights from 6-8pm in the Student Center at Calvary. On Sunday mornings, we also offer a Bible study for high schoolers from 9am-10am in ABF 3 (Game Room).