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Groups of Four

Groups of Four are gender-based small groups of four people that meet once-a-month for 10-months for the purpose of encouragement and accountability. Sign-ups for these groups happen in the beginning of the month of December and beginning meeting in February. There is also a second opportunity in June to join a Group of Four that meets 5 times.g4-logo

You do not need to form your own group but simply sign-up and the men’s women’s leadership teams will put you in a groups together. One of the benefits of not simply creating a group of people you already know is the opportunity to meet others at Calvary and to learn from people in different seasons of life. The more connected we are as a church body, the more opportunities we have to serve and love one another.

I hope you will consider joining one of these monthly small groups. We were created for community. We were created to need one another. We were created to build and spur each other on. These groups allow this type of encouragement and accountability to occur.

For more information about Groups of Four, please see our Associate Pastor of Discipleship Tom McElroy.