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All moms of preschool/grade school aged children are encouraged to come be a part of a group that accepts you as you are--Forgiven in Christ and Free to express yourself as His creation. We will meet this Tuesday, October 24 at 6:45 PM. Come for the fellowship, fun, food and friendship. If you have any questions, contact Kathryn Eaton at bessiedarlin@yahoo.com.  


AWANA, for kids 3 years old through 5th grade, is held on Wednesdays beginning at 6:00 and ending at 7:45 PM. AWANA  (Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed) based on II Timothey 2:15, is a time of studying God's truths, memorizing His word, playing games and interacting with friends. Register your children online at calvarybible.church/awana. Contact Dick Fugman(fugmanrichard@yahoo.com) if you have any questions.

Additional News

Disciplemakers Conference

Become more prepared to share the gospel and help others to grow as disciples of Jesus! This conference will run from Friday, November 17  through Saturday, November 18. You will choose to attend sessions by accomplished speakers; Jeremiah Canfield, Cisco Cotto, Marty Schoenieber and Christopher Yuan who will share topics designed to equip you in discipleship. Register today at calvarybible.church/disciplemakers. 


Missionary Christmas Love Offerings

Prayerfully consider how you can bless our missionaries this holiday season. Your missionary Christmas love offerings needs to be turned in by Sunday, October 29. Envelopes are available in the church office. All donations will be divided equally between the missionaries that Calvary supports unless specified. Thank you for your heart for missions!


Jingle Bell Beach

Rehearsals on Sundays from 5:30-7:00 PM have begun for our Children's Christmas Program. If your child (grades Kindergarten - 8th ) is interested in being a part, please speak to Beck Miller (beckymiller@calvarybible.church). Put Sunday, December 10 at 6:00 PM on your calendar for a wonderful time of celebrating our Savior, Jesus! 

Widow/Widowers Lunch

Meet at the Village Grill in Bradley on Saturday, October 21 at noon for fellowship and food. 

Senior Time

On Wednesday, October 25 at noon come to Calvary for a pot luck lunch and movie. Please bring something to share-salad, main dish or dessert. After lunch, we will be watching the movie Luther. It is about a man whose faith in God launched the greatest revolution of all. For more information, contact Neal Hildebrandt. 

Fall Equipping Class

The following classes will be offered beginning in September:

The Roles of Jesus Christ
Jesus means so much to us - learn more about Him as the Divine Prophet, Priest, King and   Creator. How do these roles glorify the Father and the Son and how do they bless us who are his followers? Full teacher notes provided to all students.

Adult classroom 1 - Judean Benston - 9:00 AM - September 3 through November 26

The Pastoral Letters and Beyond
A rich 12-week survey of God's Word through the pens of Paul, James, Peter, John and Jude. Learn about true religion, the role of suffering in a Christian's life, the superiority of new life and forgiveness in Christ, church leadership and much more.

Library - Bob Mitchell - 10:30 AM - September 10 through December 3

NEW--Martin Luther-The Man and the Movement                                                                     
In October, exactly 500 years ago, there was a protest whose kingdom impact was too great and enduring to measure! What was the protest and why do we celebrate it and identify with it?

Adult Classroom 2 - Judean Benston - 10:30 AM - October 1 through December 10

Eternal Punishment
What is the punishment we are saved from by Christ? Is it eternal? The ancient Biblical teaching of hell is under attack-learn why and what the Bible teaches on this important topic.

Adult Classroom 2 - Tom McElroy - 9:00 AM - October 8 through November 19

Jr./Sr. High Retrival Weekend

Keep the Jr. and Sr. groups in your prayers as they prepare to attend Retrival at Frist Nazareen Church on Friday through Sunday, November 3-5. If you would like more information, contact Jacob Morgan (jacobmorgan@calvarybible.church). 

Fall Harvest Party

Mark Saturday, October 28 from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM on your calendar. Invite friends, neighbors and family. There will be activities for everyone from games to bounce houses to crafts. Lunch will be served between 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM. If you are available to help, please speak to Jill Ferris. 

Thursday Bible Study - A Clash of Kingdoms

On Thursdays at 1:00 PM,  a class entitled, A Clash of Kingdoms-Paul Proclaims Jesus as Lord! is meeting in the library.  As Christians, we are called to proclaim God's name in all the earth but how do we do that in the midst of false gospels? Discover how Paul communicated the Good News of Christ to Philippi, a Roman colony that worshipped false gods. For more information, contact Neal or Linda Hildebrandt. 



Are you college aged attending school or working? Jacob & Victoria Morgan are opening their home on the 2nd & 4th Monday evenings to eat, pray, study and talk together. This group meets tonight, Monday, October 23 at 7:00 PM. Their house is located at 1509 Yorktown Road in Bourbonnais. If interested or have questions, contact Jacob Morgan. 

Hold The Ropes

Tonight-Monday, October 16 at 6:00 PM, come to Jacob & Victoria Morgan's house for food, fellowship and prayer for our missionaries. This opportunity is available for junior high, senior high or college aged youth and will meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays throughout the school year. Contact Jacob if interested or have any questions. 

Join the Media Team

We are looking for 3-4 people to join our media team. Your commitment would be only one Wednesday night and one Sunday morning per month. Contact Becky Miller (beckymiller@calvarybible.church) for more information.

Missionary Updates

Calvary receives updates from some of our missionaries via email. If you would like to receive these emails, you can sign up at cbcmissions@calvarybible.church. Please let us know that you would like to receive these updates giving you a more effective way to pray for our missionaries and a chance to see what is happening in their ministries.

Service Opportunity

Are you looking for a fun way to serve the high school youth group? We would love the opportunity to provide some meals to our high school students (The Armoury)  throughout the year. If you would be interested in making a meal for one of our  Sunday night meetings, contact Jacob Morgan (jacobmorgan@calvarybible.church). 

Men's Bible Study

On Saturdays 7:00 AM all men are invited to Calvary for a time of breakfast, fellowship and study. We will be learning from Matt Chandler's book Recovering Redemption: A Gospel Saturated Perspective on how to Change. "Written with a pastor's bold intensity and a counselor's discerning insight, takes you deeply into Scripture to take you deeply inside yourself, discovering that the heart of all our problems is truly the problem of our hearts. But because of what God has done, and because of what God can do, the most confident, contented person you know could actually be you--redeemed through Jesus Christ." Contact Max Schmid (maximilianj@msn.com) for more information. 

Women's Bible Studies

Ladies, you can still plug into to several Bible studies that have either recently started or have been existing for awhile at Calvary. Contact the following leaders if you have any questions. or email realwomen@calvarybible.church for questions.


10:00AM - Study of 1st and 2nd Peter
Led by Brenda Heber

New Beginning September 25th
Second and Fourth Mondays
4:00PM - 
The Ten Greatest Struggles of Your Life, Finding Freedom in God's Commands (Colin Smith)
Led by Judy Wurglitz

Colin opens up the Ten Commandments to show how there is more to them than meets the eye. Moving from dos and don'ts to matters of the heart, they become barometers of your love for God. You'll discover areas of your life that are out of sync with His will, and you'll receive wisdom for living in greater love, strength, and freedom in Christ. Contact Judy Wurglitz,  (jwurglitz74@gmail.com) for more information. 



New Beginning September 27th
10AM — 
Reclaiming Surrendered Ground:  Protecting Your Family from Spiritual Attacks (Jim Logan)
Led by Elizabeth Rupprecht
(childcare  provided)

In this six-week excursion with Jesus, Beth uses questions from Scripture to lead you into intimacy with the One who knows you best.  We will learn to dig into the Word, to respond to the questions of God, and to bring our own questions before Him. Contact Elizabeth Rupprecht (psalm32.7.8@gmail.com or call 815-823-3702) if you would like to have a book ordered.


7:30AM   — Journey thru the Bible
Led by Jolynda Reyes

Online Giving

Please consider becoming part of Calvary's Online Giving; to sign up check out calvarybible.church/give.

Meals For Calvary Families

If you are in interested in helping provide meals to Calvary families during times of need, please contact Marlena Tharnish at samnlanie@hotmail.com

More News

Our Story - God's Story - Their Story

Join us for a night celebrating what God is accomplishing in the lives of young people through Youth for Christ and its ministry partners. Save Tuesday, November 14 from 6:30-8:00 PM for a time to hear those stories. For more information, contact Youth for Christ by phone (815) 935-2020 or email sgrysen@spyfc.org

Fall Senior Day

You are invited to enjoy a beautiful day, Wednesday, October 11, at the Cedar Lake Ministries' Fall Senior Day. Pastor Steve DeWitt will offer encouraging messages from God' Word, Jack Shrader will lead in inspiring music and you can lift your voice during the hymn sing. Experience an exquisite buffet lunch, dessert and delightful afternoon at the lake! Cost is $30 per person if registered by Sunday, October 1. Speak to Judean Benston if interested so we can take advantage of this early bird price.