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Life Groups

We Value Being In Community With Each Other

At Calvary, we believe that it is vital to our spiritual growth to live life not alone but in community with others who can encourage, support, and spur us on through their own Christian testimony. We are committed to building authentic community by providing everyone with opportunities to develop deep and lasting relationships through small group environments that will help nurture and mature our faith in Jesus Christ.

One of the primary ways we build these authentic communities is through our Life Groups.

Life Groups are groups of 8-14 people who meet regularly in homes throughout Kankakee County for the purpose of:

Becoming Family

God made us for community—for family relationships and sharing life with one another. Life lived together is better!

Becoming Like Christ

The encouragement, challenge , modeling and accountability found in a Life Group help our minds, hearts and lives to be transformed by the Bible’s teachings.

Becoming Disciple-makers

Calvary Bible Church’s mission to “glorify God by making disciples of Jesus.” Life Groups are the primary place where we pray, share ideas and encouragement with each other about our efforts to bring Jesus to those who are not yet His disciples.